About Guiding Story-to-Song

“The greatest gift you can give the world is to tell your truth.”

~ Cheryl Walters

I created the company, Guiding Story-to-Song, to honor and celebrate the human experience by creating music from life stories. I am a songwriter, performing musician, yogi, writer, and freelance editor. I have composed music from the stories of people living around the world. Through songwriting, I offer individuals the opportunity to become a songwriter and artist, to experience the creative process in a safe collaborative space, and to witness the transformation that happens in creating music from our life stories.

I lead songwriting workshops, work individually with people who wish to compose a song, and compose original music from my own stories an. In August 2013, I released a debut solo album of documentary songs called Marieke Slovin: Life in Story and Song. I spent ten years working as an Interpretive Park Ranger for the National Park Service in Washington, Alaska, and Massachusetts. In my time as a park ranger, I composed songs from oral histories of factory workers in Lowell, Massachusetts and whalers in New Bedford, Massachusetts. I completed an entrepreneur accelerator program to get my business off the ground with the non-profit E(ntrepreneurship)forAll in Lowell, Massachusetts. I earned a B.A. at Bates College in European History and French Language; an M.A. at Western Washington University in Environmental Education; and a Ph.D. at Prescott College in Sustainability Education. I currently live in Brussels, Belgium with my husband, our two cats, and our recently adopted big, white husky.


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